masks/remote learning

masks are very important in this time of virus outbreaks. I was sick for the rest of the “at school” days and so I wasn’t wearing a mask. school is not different because we wear masks because that’s only a change to what we wear at school, which is not a big change at all. I do not have any tips for wearing masks. I don’t know how long we will be doing remote learning for, but I have heard that we will be doing remote learning for six weeks. remote learning is different from learning at school because we use our laptops all day long and we all talk through a similar skype system in microsoft teams called a meeting. a tip for remote learning is focusing on the task at hand, beacause you can get easily distracted by the things in your home.

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  1. Thanks Aiden for sharing your thoughts. I am sorry you were sick and missed the last days at school. Did you have to have a COVID test? Hope you are better now.

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